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Buddhetti is a 3D top-down Diablo-inspired RPG made by the group Cobbretti. This game was the first project made during the second year at The Game Assembly and was made with our own created engine Cobra Engine using Unity as an editor.

The engine is made using C++ 



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My role and contributions to Buddhetti were as a gameplay programmer. Working on player stats, health, and the exp system.  

As well as work on the pickup and power-up systems. And early enemy AI prototyping for behaviors.

Game Engine:

This game was the first game made by the group's own game engine. Cobra, which was developed during the course of the project. It is set up to use an entity system and a component system.


The goal was to base it on Unity's component system having developers add components onto the asset inside the engine. 

Development Team:

The development team of Buddhetti, team Cobretti consisted of:

Andreas Nylund
Dennis Löfgren
Felix Erksell
Joakim Gunnari
Jonathan Lundström
Markus Nilsson

-Level Designers:

 Christoffer Önneberg

 Kalle Björklund

 Markus Nordström Frodlund

-Graphical Artists:

  Albin Attebo

  Faranka Mobarrez

  Igor Baskin
  Jonathan Alderskans

  Tobias Grönlund

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