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Robocobra is a First-Person-Shooter. Where you defender your ship from the evil mantis men who are boarding it. 

The reference game being Halo Combat Evolved for gameplay. With Alien Isolation being a graphical reference for it.

The game had a development time of 15 weeks at 50% study time (4h/day)

Game Engine:

For this game so did the group decide to move away from using Unity as an editor for the level designers and instead move them into our own in engine editor. 

Making it so that we had much more control over the engine and possible problems that could arise. 

Development Team:

RoboCobra vs The Mantis Men is the second game developed by team Cobretti which ones again consists of:

Andreas Nylund
Dennis Löfgren
Felix Erksell
Joakim Gunnari
Jonathan Lundström
Markus Nilsson

-Level Designers:

 Christoffer Önneberg

 Kalle Björklund

 Markus Nordström Frodlund

-Graphical Artists:

  Albin Attebo

  Faranka Mobarrez

  Igor Baskin
  Jonathan Alderskans

  Tobias Grönlund


I primarily worked on the pickup system for the game. As we wanted the player to be aware of combat and not just rush straight into combat. 

This involved the creation of pickup items, saving them, loading them. 


Using the engines editor factory assign the component a mesh, FBX, textures including normals, albedo, and materials as well as setting type and start values for the pickup items. 

We had two types of pickups in the game ammo and health, to separate the two of them so did I use an enum. This is checked both during the loading of the assets to make sure the right asset texture is loaded and that the correct effects occur when you interact with it and make sure it despawns correctly. 

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